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Trans & Non-Binary Inclusion Statement

Updated: Feb 5

Esperance aims to increase awareness of gender-related barriers and support people who experience gender-based discrimination.

Esperance is a feminist organisation unequivocally committed to transgender inclusion. When we refer to women we include trans women, and when we refer to men we include trans men.

We are committed to creating a space where everyone feels included and we expect our community to be welcoming to trans and non-binary people. We actively encourage trans and non-binary people to be part of our conversations and aim to amplify the voices of gender minorities in the folk scene.

We are aware that trans and non-binary members of our community face a unique set of barriers that the majority of cisgender people do not experience and as such we are listening and learning.

Esperance commits to:

  • respecting pronouns and encouraging our community to refer to their pronouns in email signatures and in both online and physical spaces

  • using trans inclusive language that doesn’t assume a person’s gender in our communications, guidance and policies

  • raising awareness of specific issues in the folk scene relating to trans and non-binary people, including celebrating gender neutral calling and challenging offensive stereotypes in the tradition

  • using our platform to amplify the voices of trans and non-binary people in the folk scene

  • recognising and considering our own positions and privileges and continuing to listen and learn

This statement has been developed in consultation with Esperance’s trans and non-binary community members. We acknowledge that language and understanding is continually evolving and we are open to feedback to become better allies.

Further reading:

Amnesty International:


Gendered Intelligence:

Support for young people:


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