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Folk Singing Symposium - Esperance Panel

Esperance is hosting a panel at Access Folk's Folk Singing Symposium, taking place on 24-25 February 2023 at University of Sheffield.

This is an intergenerational panel discussion exploring the reverberations of second-wave feminism on today’s generation of folk singers on the UK folk scene, and the recent resurgence of the gender equality movement.

We will ask what progress has been made since the British folk revival of the ‘60s, examine issues that still remain the same, and discuss where we need to go next in the endeavor for gender equality.

Our panellists are Sandra Kerr, Frankie Armstrong, Nancy Kerr, Lucy Ward, Maddie Morris and Sam Baxter, facilitated by Esperance co-founders Emily Portman and Rosie Hood.

About the Folk Singing Symposium

Access Folk invites you to an inspiring symposium about folk singing looking at performance, participation and inclusion across a range of contexts within England and around the world.

The symposium draws on emerging research by the Access Folk project team and will include sharing across a range of cultures and formats, including papers, panel discussions, posters, films, workshops and demonstrations. There’s even a singaround! The symposium will be held in Sheffield over the two days, with some hybrid/online sessions available. Events will run from 9.30am Friday until 6pm on Sunday, with some optional evening activities.

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