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The BIT Collective is a community of people interested in discussing and addressing equalities issues in Scottish folk and traditional music.

FairPlé aims to achieve gender balance in the production, performance, promotion, and development of Irish traditional and folk music.

Keychange is a global network and movement working towards gender equality in the music industry.

A global community of women and gender minorities in the music industry.

A platform for women’s voices to further the conversations of both folk and feminism and explore how the two intersect.

TheyFolk is a platform and community to support women, non-binary, trans, or intersex musicians that are new or emerging in the folk arts.

Bogha-frois Queer Voices in Folk is a community of queer folk musicians based in Scotland and beyond.

Directory of UK female+ musicians. The F-List is helping women and gender expansive people overcome structural barriers in the UK music scene. 

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